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Saving the planet one energy solution at a time

About Renovo Energy

Renovo Energy is an energy solutions company focused on reducing fixed energy cost and our impact on the planet. This is achieved by incorporating renewable and sustainable practices including LED smart lighting, life safety, solar and EV charging with proper application. With over 50 years of combined experience, Renovo Energy is driven by group of solution-oriented leaders with elite culture solely focused on delivering necessary energy solutions for our planet. 


What We Do





The Divisions of Renovo Energy


Renovo Energy is a single-source contractor for turnkey energy-efficient LED lighting upgrades. Bringing together the most energy-efficient next-generation LED lighting manufacturers, in-house  installations, warranty management, utility company rebate applications and assignments and Green Energy-Efficient Financing, to minimize out of pocket cost.


SAFELUM, a division of Renovo Energy, is a single-source turnkey contractor for Code Compliant Emergency Egress Lighting, Exit Egress Signage and Luminous Egress Pathway markings. 

SAFELUM EM system is a fully automated, self-diagnostic, self-testing and self-reporting system for emergency egress lighting and signage.


Renovo Energy is a turnkey solar contractor who provides a comprehensive solution for development, construction, financing, infrastructure, and operation for commercial and industrial applications. 


Renovo Energy provides a turnkey solution for the growing electric vehicle (EV) market focusing on building out proper infrastructure and fast charging stations. Helping to pioneer the future of electric mobility.

Energy Solutions

We help achieve a more energy efficient and safer planet by utilizing LED smart lighting, life safety technology, solar  and EV chargers with proper application.


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