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SafeLum, a division of Renovo Energy, is a single-source turnkey contractor for Code Compliant Emergency Egress Lighting, Exit Egress Signage, Luminous Egress Pathway markings and Germicidal Ultraviolet Lighting. We provide a turnkey product and installation of all photo-luminescent code compliant markings, for existing buildings and new construction. We assist building owners and building managers in understanding and applying the Code requirements for stairwell photoluminescent and proximity-to-floor markings. 

 SafeLum EM system is a fully automated, self-diagnostic, self-testing and self-reporting system for emergency egress lighting and signage.

SafeLum GUV is a germicidal ultraviolet lighting system that is effective in fighting against COVID-19,  and other microorganisms, fungal spores, and resistant pathogens. 

SafeLum Fire Blanket can be used for normal internal combustion car fire and EV Lithium-Ion car fire. It can be deployed on any EV. 

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